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15+ Ways to Boost Milk Supply [An Expert's Guide]

Breastfeeding can be stressful sometimes especially if you see you’re not producing enough milk to satisfy your baby. Running out of milk before your baby is full might leave you wondering why you can’t provide more. Different medical conditions, imbalanced hormones, or feeding your baby formula can result in lower milk supply. Thankfully, there are many proven changes you can make to your diet or the way you nurse that can enhance your milk supply. We’ve selected and fact-checked expert opinions on lactation and brought you a complete guide to increasing your milk supply. Read on to get the best...

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10 Best Lactation Boosters in 2021

10 Best Lactation Boosters in 2022

An increasing number of moms are choosing to breastfeed their kids early in life. Even moms who primarily rely on infant formula to raise their baby are breastfeeding occasionally for the bonding process, nutritional value, and immunity. But what about when your milk supply is low? Here’s an interesting fact: what you do, how you feed your baby, and what you eat can change the way your body produces milk. From too much stress to clogged ducts, maintaining a steady milk supply is not rocket science — but it does require great attention to detail. Fortunately, there are quite a...

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Happy Couple - Balance Hormones Naturally

How to Balance Your Hormones Naturally (For Men & Women)

Hormones play a major role in so many aspects of our lives. They control our emotions, behavior, energy levels, and food cravings. Today, unfortunately, more and more people suffer from various hormone imbalances. While you should seek medical help for severe hormone problems, mild hormone imbalance can be treated by changing your diet and lifestyle habits. In this article, we’ll cover the ways you can balance your hormones naturally. But first, let’s talk about hormones. What are Hormones? You have about 50 different hormones and all of them regulate different bodily functions. For example, the “female” hormones estrogen and progesterone...

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Adrenal Fatigue Herbs

11+ Best Herbs for Adrenal Fatigue [Updated for 2022]

Feeling tired and weak from the moment you open your eyes in the morning? Don’t remember the last time you were actually rested and full of energy? Chances are, you might be suffering from adrenal fatigue. But don’t worry - there are ways to alleviate these symptoms. Read on to learn more about adrenal fatigue and the best herbs for treating adrenal fatigue. What is Adrenal Fatigue? Adrenal fatigue happens when your adrenal glands can’t produce enough cortisol and other “stress hormones”. When you’re under stress, your adrenal glands produce more cortisol to stay alert. Cortisol increases your blood sugar...

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