How to Wake Up Smiling Every Morning

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They say that to wake up smiling every morning is to have found true happiness. While we agree with this, we are living in the modern world. Our world is a real world. It is one filled with demands and deadlines. It is fast-paced and comes with a daily grind that can quickly wear you down.

It isn’t easy to wake up with a smile on your face. Sometimes, it just feels like another day, and you want to hit that snooze button for the umpteenth time.

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So, how do you wake up smiling every morning? In this article, we explored some of the most common and some bazaar tricks that we can try. Let’s check it out.

Start your day by making your bed.

We know nobody likes to make the bed. There are a million other things you’d rather be doing than this. However, studies have proven that bed-makers report higher averages when comparing a good night’s rest.

Making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment. Right from the start of the day, you get to say that you’ve already achieved something.

While we are talking about your bed, don’t be a scrooge. Instead, invest in a good mattress that will support your weight and spine throughout the long hours of the night. A quality bed is a crucial ingredient to waking up smiling every morning.

Jump into that cold morning shower.

There are plenty of conflicting schools of thought on the shower and bath debate. Yet, both camps agree with the benefits of a cold morning shower.

Not only does a cold shower help to invigorate you, but it is also easier on your skin. Remember that the cold water won’t remove the natural oils found on your skin as quickly as hot water does.

The blast of cold water also helps to improve your body’s circulation. It gets your heart pumping, and you’ll be rearing to tackle the day within minutes.

Keep yourself hydrated.

Before you grab that hot cup of coffee, did you remember to hydrate? Coffee dehydrates, so that doesn’t count and may even be the cause of your early morning headaches.

Instead, the benefits of a cold glass of water in the morning are uncontested. Add a slice of jesty lemon to your water for some wholesome goodness.

The added Vitamin C will not only help boost your immune system but, in combination with the citric acid found in the lemon, can help improve your digestion.

Only after your cold glass of healthy water may you grab that cup of coffee.

Turn that volume up to eleven.

A study at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, showed that music is a tremendous motivating force. Play some high-power music such as hard rock or hip-hop to get yourself going. Turn that volume up, and start moving as you complete your daily morning routine.

You don’t need to dance to the music. Any movement will ensure that your muscles stretch, warm-up, and gradually prepare for the day ahead.

Don’t skip breakfast.

We know that it isn’t always easy, but you really should try to eat breakfast every day. Your breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated. Something as simple as muesli and yogurt with fresh fruit will do the trick.

Red raspberry with cream

Remember how Granny always said breakfast is the most important meal of the day? She wasn’t wrong in saying that. While eating a healthy breakfast can help you maintain your ideal BMI score, breakfast also adds essential nutrients and proteins to increase your energy.



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Are you ready to start the day with a smile?

There you have it—some simple, easy-to-achieve tips on starting your day with a smile. As you can see, there’s nothing too complicated about it. If you take our advice and incorporate it into a regular morning routine, you will be one of those truly happy people.

Some final advice to keep in mind, and to try out if you have the time in the morning to do so:

  • A morning walk is essential.
  • Practice some mindfulness or meditative art like Yoga or Tai Chi.
  • Don’t check your social media the moment that you wake up.
  • A great bed makes all the difference.

Last but not least, kiss your loved ones, or even little Fido, goodbye before you leave to take on the day. Happy trails!

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