5 Ways To Improve Your Mood!

5 Ways To Improve Your Mood!


1. Change Your Expectation

5 Ways to Boost Mood - Change Your Expectation

We are constantly evaluating ourselves. Am I normal? Am I happy enough? Do I (insert something here) enough? The truth is we are all different. Our individual presentation of wellness is going to look different from one another, which is why changing our expectations of our mood is a must. An example of what this might look like is accepting that we fluctuate as humans emotionally. We are not always going to be energetic, social, outgoing, killing it at work, the perfect parent, the perfect… anything. Removing this expectation is one of the most beneficial things we can do for ourselves. Give yourself permission to feel and to be.

2. Do Something Nice For Someone Else

5 Ways to Boost Mood - Do Something Nice

A quick way to get a good mood boost going and get out of your head is to put that energy into to helping another. If you’re feeling down, just think of someone in your life. Reflect on what they might be in need of in this moment. What can you do right now to make their life just a little better? Maybe you can send an encouraging message their way or you can bring them a mid-day pick me up snack. Maybe you’re at work and you let your co-worker know how much you appreciate your chats in the lunchroom or how much you dig their style. As humans we are just wired this way, put the good out, and it just comes right back. Feel good guaranteed.

3. Visualization

5 Ways to Boost Mood - Visualization

Take 5 minutes away from whatever it is you are doing. Close your eyes and notice whatever feeling it is that you are overcome with. See it as a color inside of your body - maybe it is a misty fog stealing your joy, or maybe you see it as a heavy lead like substance weighing you down. Whatever it is, visualize it in your body and notice how it’s affecting you. 

Now imagine this beautiful healing energy, in the form of a color as well, that is outside of your body. Take a deep breath and with each inhale you are taking in this healing energy. See this energy travel throughout each and every crevice of your body. It cleanses and detoxifies as it makes its way through you. With each exhale see the emotions that don’t serve you anymore leaving your body. Continue these deep breaths and continue to release anything you would like. Replace that previously occupied space with healing, self-love, and peace.

4. Hang With Someone's Baby

5 Ways to Boost Mood - Hang With Someone's Baby

There is something so marvelous about the way children view the world. So simple. So beautiful. If you are feeling down and out, a great way to feel better quickly is to hang out with a little one. Sit on the floor, color, explore, get muddy, and let them tell you a story. There is no better way to become more mindful and present in the moment then to experience life as a child does. You will probably get in some really great laughs too.

5. Schedule Your Stress

5 Ways to Boost Mood - Schedule Your Stress

This is a fun one. If you find yourself stuck in your worries or stress, set a timer for a daily block of time for you to worry your butt off for about 10 minutes. 
Yes - intentionally worry. This is a therapy technique. 

The rule is you can’t worry outside of your scheduled time.

So if you’re out of bounds take a note of your worry and don’t forget to worry about it at your next scheduled block of worry time. Another rule - if you are running out of things to worry about in your 10 minute block you have to find something to worry about to fill in your time. You’ll find that you will actually be worrying less because your “worry time” is confined to a set time each day.



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5 Ways to Boost Mood - Joy-Filled

As you can see there are unique ways to boost your mood! There are also the "oldies but goodies" - like exercise, sleep, and of course nutrients. We tend to forget that food can have a tremendous impact on the way our body functions.

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  • Also I haven’t had a menstrual cycle for over a year. It says the chasteberry will help with fertility by balancing progesterone. I hope it would NOT help me to get pregnant

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  • I have been taking this for about 3 months and it does help some but just makes me a little calmer. I still have other symptoms. Could I take more than 2 a day? Or what about taking the Go With the Flow with it…? I am in menopause and I really need to feel happy.

    Tina Newkirk on
  • I was curious what type p spirituality .. are you referring to ?

    Diego Montes on
  • Love it! Great tips! :)

    Barbara on

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