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Keio Lewis
smiling in bed in the morning

How to Wake Up Smiling Every Morning

They say that to wake up smiling every morning is to have found true happiness. While we agree with this, we are living in the modern world. Our world is a real world. It is one filled with demands and deadlines. It is fast-paced and comes with a daily grind that can quickly wear you down. It isn’t easy to wake up with a smile on your face. Sometimes, it just feels like another day, and you want to hit that snooze button for the umpteenth time. So, how do you wake up smiling every morning? In this article, we...

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Hormone Balance Essential Oils

17+ Essential Oils for Hormone Balance [In 2022]

Experiencing mood swings? Irritability? Cramps? More often than not physiological discomforts and emotional unease are directly related to your hormones and their fluctuations. These might be the result of your PMS, menopause, or postpartum depression. In these instances, you can use essential oils to support a natural and healthy hormone balance. And in this article,we'll teach you how. Here’s what we’re going to cover: What are essential oils? What’s hormonal imbalance? What causes hormonal imbalance? How essential oils help with hormone balance 17+ essential oils for hormone balance The best supplement for hormone balance Let’s take a look! Looking just...

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