How Super Greens Help With Weight Loss

How Super Greens Help With Weight Loss [Try Now!]

Remember when your mom used to praise the benefits of “eating your greens?”

As usual, it turns out, mom was right. How do moms do that? They just know everything.

Well, what moms may not know is the full extent of the power of super greens, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Yes, the “super” in super greens can ensure you a lifetime of health and longevity, on top of enhancing and supplementing your weight loss goals.

Ready to learn how?

In this article, we’ll break down exactly what super greens are, the expected health benefits when you incorporate these heroes of the plant world in your diet, and how they can specifically help you with weight loss.

Let’s get right into it.

What Are Super Greens?

Fact: Super greens are not what you think they are.

When people think of super greens for weight loss, nutrition, energy, and even digestion, they think of green, leafy vegetables like spinach, Swiss chard, and more. These are all nutrient-dense whole foods that can supplement your body with essential vitamins and minerals.

The real super greens, however, take things to the next level. They’re a small group of greens from the algae and cereal grass families. These include:

  • Common grain plants like oat grass, sorghum, wild rice, millet, barley, rye, spelt, einkorn, and more (varieties like wheatgrass and barley grass include a high level of chlorophyll and protein)
  • Micro-algae such as spirulina and chlorella
  • Green leafy vegetables like kale, moringa leaves, and parsley

There are a few other factors that make super greens a dietary staple for people who need to clear their immune system and be more energetic throughout the day:

  • First off, super greens are packed with enzymes and antioxidants that are easily absorbed by the body.
  • They have a highly concentrated nutrient profile so it doesn’t take much — just one one-ounce shot each day — to get all the health benefits of super greens (covered later in this article).
  • Super greens balance the body’s pH balance. If your body’s pH levels are too acidic, the chlorophyll profile of super green combinations can help take it back to a neutral level through natural alkalinity. This matters because high acidity is related to yeast infections, weight gain, fatigue, cavities, allergies, kidney infections, early osteoporosis, and more.
  • Powdered super greens can be mixed easily with water, juices, or even smoothies, as a convenient way to maintain your daily super green intake.

Yes, super greens pack a bunch — well, more like, a punch — of good things that your body needs. These essential vitamins and nutrients turn into tangible health benefits that you can start to notice in about a week or two of consistent super green supplementation.

4 Health Benefits of Super Greens

Each of your favorite superheroes come with their own special powers.

But, think about it: When they combine their powers, you get a mega alliance of evil-fighting, justice-crusading, do-gooding awesomeness for humankind.

The same applies to your dietary superheroes, the super greens. They may not have super-sad origin stories, but they definitely come packed with their own superpowers — or, as we like to call them, health benefits — that work together to boost your overall vitality and immunity.

Let’s look at four ways in which super greens can benefit your total body wellness.

1) Super Greens Can Balance Your Hormones

Newsflash: You can balance your hormones naturally with garden-variety plants that you’re already familiar with but never quite saw like that before.

Well, it’s time to stop friend-zoning these serious contenders, because they can bring a host of positive effects to your body. In the same way that herbs can balance hormones, super greens can naturally balance out your hormone levels.

They do this by positively affecting your gut and the digestion process.

Super greens are high in fiber, which helps clear your lower GI tract more efficiently. It also helps cleanse your liver, which assists in your body’s detoxification.

Well, a gut free of debris is also a well-functioning gut. Our bodies need a clear gut, full of the right kinds of bacteria, to maintain production, release, and regulation of more than 20 hormones.

Not to mention, poor gut health comes with a whole bunch of issues such as:

  • Skin irritation and inflammation
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Food sensitivities
  • Weight changes
  • Digestive issues like constipation or diarrhea

When you consume super greens, you’re aiding your body’s digestive function, improving its efficiency, and boosting the productivity of organs like the liver or pancreas, needed to clean out the body.

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2) Super Greens Boost Energy Levels Naturally

If you’re running low on energy, it could be due to a number of issues, potentially all working together. This could show up in your body as:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Mood changes and irritability
  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Trouble concentrating or focusing
  • Brain “fog”

Any or all of these signs in the body may mean it’s time to use super greens to close the gap between the energy you have and the energy you need.

Super greens are packed with vital nutrients that your body needs to function efficiently on a daily basis. For example, a vitamin D deficiency shows up as lowered immunity, depression, poor oral or bone health, and skin issues. It also affects how calcium is absorbed by the body, so even if you’re taking a calcium supplement, it’s useless without vitamin D.

Super greens, on the other hand, are packed with the essential vitamins and minerals and are often fortified with additional vitamins. Depending on which formulas you use, some super greens also come blended with additions like Maca Root powder and Eleuthero Root powder, both of which are natural energy herbs.

Another reason for persistent low energy levels could be that you’re experiencing the first stages of adrenal fatigue. If you’re constantly stressed out, this could put your body in a constant state of fatigue. Make sure to check out our article on recovery from adrenal fatigue to get your energy and body back on track.

3) Super Greens Can Help Fight Cancer-Causing Free Radicals

Even though cancer research is an ongoing medical concern, we now know quite a bit about the role of oxidative stress and free radicals in the formation of cancer cells in the body.

Translation: free radicals, which are unstable oxygen molecules in the body, lead to cancer. The way to tackle and eliminate issues relating to oxygen free radicals is through antioxidative therapy.

Does that sound familiar? If you’re thinking about antioxidants, you’re right. Antioxidants are “free radical scavengers,” meaning that they interact with and effectively neutralize free radicals, keeping them from causing harm to the body.

And the best source of antioxidants? That would be from fruits like blueberries and greens spinach, broccoli, or any of the ingredients in super green supplements.

4) Super Greens Decrease Cardiovascular Health Issues

The health benefits of super greens don’t stop there. A study of 40 people with high blood pressure showed that taking super greens for a total of 90 days had a significant effect on blood pressure.

Participants in the study experienced decreased systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as opposed to the control group, which experienced no change at all.

Super Greens & Weight Loss - How They Help

The effect of super greens on weight loss occurs on multiple fronts. Much of the way it works has to do with the four health benefits we discussed above.

One thing is for sure: when it comes to weight loss, super greens, combined with a consistent exercise routine, can help you shed those pounds, stabilize your hunger levels, and maintain overall wellness.

Here’s how taking super greens for weight loss works:

  • Super greens help clear your GI tract in all aspects. Without the fiber from these veggie and algae sources, long-term toxic waste build-up can cause constipation, water retention, and more. The average adult has 4.5 to 19 pounds of digestive waste just trapped in their digestive system, going nowhere. Super greens effectively clear out your body’s waste, helping you feel lighter and more energized. It also helps detox the colon from potentially harmful toxins.
  • Additionally, the fiber in super greens contributes to your body’s overall fiber intake from other fruits and vegetables. That’s important because a diet rich in fiber protects against diabetes and metabolic syndrome, both of which lead to the body storing abdominal fat, increasing bad cholesterol, and decreasing the body’s natural insulin response.
  • Don’t disregard the power of plant protein. Indeed, it’s a vegan-friendly alternative to feeding your muscles, especially after an intense workout. Through carefully chosen ingredients like protein-rich spirulina, super greens can be a reliable source of plant protein and the essential amino acids your body needs to recover.
  • Super greens can also stave off hunger and help you feel full longer, thanks to digestive enzymes. These are proteins that break food down into its most basic components. Not only does that aid in digestion, it also helps digest valuable nutrients in our food, making sure that they’re properly absorbed. Proper absorption means you’re not constantly hungry, because your body isn’t triggering the hunger hormone ghrelin more than it should. It also processes carbohydrates more efficiently, so you aren’t left craving sugary, salty, or bread-based snacks all the time.

As you can see, super greens for weight loss don’t work like a magic trick, but they are a very valuable support. When you’re committed to an exercise regimen, you want to make sure that anything you eat, drink, or do contributes to maintaining your body’s energy levels, strength, endurance, and recovery.

Incorporating super greens as a diet supplement can help you maintain these priorities.

Wondering if green powders are worth your money? Check out this post to find out why you should invest in a good super greens powder.

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Try “Get Your Greens” — #1 Super Greens Powder

Just as you are what you eat, super greens are only as powerful as the ingredients they include.

Right now, there are a ton of super green powders available, but it’s difficult to really know which will give you the right boost for your buck.

The fact is that most super green powders include only a few of the usual ingredients — such as spirulina and spinach — and a whole bunch of unnecessary additives, artificial sweeteners, and ingredients that are just fillers.

That’s why we developed Get Your Greens. It’s a clean-green, nutrient-rich formula that includes everything your body needs and nothing it doesn’t.

Based on all the information you now have on the power of super greens for weight loss, here’s what you can expect from Get Your Greens:

  • Super greens, which include spirulina, wheat grass, broccoli head, chlorella, kale, parsley, and so much more
  • Antioxidants sourced from apples, carrots, blueberries, rose hips, and beet roots, to name a few
  • High energy adaptogens such as Maca root and Schisandra Fruit
  • Probiotics
  • Digestive enzymes, including maltodextrin, amylase, protease, and more

Sugars do account for one gram of the formula, but even these come from entirely natural and organic sources such as organic Stevia leaf extract and Luo Han Guo fruit extract.

With 24 plants and fruits, healthy probiotics for gut health maintenance, and zero artificial sugars, what you see (and taste) is what you get with Get Your Greens.

There’s no aftertaste, so you can add a scoop of this powerful, enzyme- and antioxidant-rich green powder to your smoothies or even in a glass of water. Our GMO-free formula is perfect for vegans looking to incorporate just one more source of high-performance protein into their diet.


When you look at the nutritional profile and functional benefits of super greens, you realize something essential:

You don’t have to look further than the natural world around you to secure your optimal health and wellness.

Sure, you can use super greens for weight loss and as an additional energy source for an active lifestyle. But, as you can see from its other benefits, incorporating super greens into your daily dietary regime can also help reduce the risk of some of the most serious diseases, such as cancer and diabetes.

So while it’s great to shed those extra winter pounds and slip into skinny jeans, the rest of your body will also be grateful for your decision to get your greens on as well.

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