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5 Mantras for the Anxious Mind

Written by Kylie Lewis

5 Anxiety Mantra

It can be really difficult to escape your own mind when you’re having an anxiety flare up. That’s why I’ve put together 5 mantras that come from OTHER peoples minds (haha) that have been useful to me! Enjoy! 

“It’s already working out”

I first heard this from a very wise woman who worked closely with a Native American tribe. Whenever anyone would present as anxious or go on about their worries, she would simply say “it’s already working out”. I instantly felt drawn to the simplicity and tone of the words. She shared with me that this mantra is derived from a saying that has Native American roots. It seemed to make so much sense. When things feel in disarray I rest on the fact that in some way, some how, this disarray is growing me, and guiding me to where, and who I am meant to be. And as for a little proof that this is true… literally look around you. Anything you love is here because it’s already worked and is working out.

 “Que Sera Sera”

This mantra is special to me because someone I love very much used to sing this song to me when I was little. As I grew and understood what these words meant in relation to my life, it spoke to me in new ways. It continued to calm me. What ever will be will be. Although we do have control over our actions and reactions (for the most part), there is much that we cannot control no matter how hard we try. There is some comfort in that. Let it go. Whatever will be will be, the future’s not ours to see, que sera sera. 

“Even though ______ I love and accept myself anyway”

This one comes from my therapeutic experience. This mantra is typically paired with EFT tapping. I love it because it’s so powerful and positive. You can insert anything that is causing you discomfort and follow it up with self love and affirmation. Words are powerful, drink them in. Say them enough and you just might start believing them. 

“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak”

Anxiety can be seen as our creativity running wild. If we quiet the mind, the anxious, creative, and wild mind, our soul will quietly speak it’s truth. Within that irrational anxiety provoking thought you soul might be attempting to get your attention and alert you of what you may be in need of.

 “We are all just walking each other home”

This mantra is a favorite because it really puts things into perspective. We are dying every day…really we are. We are on a journey to heaven and eternity, and only God knows when we will arrive. Could be today or 52.5 years from now. We must truly enjoy the days, hours, and seconds we have and keep things in focus. We are all just walking each other home. How unimportant that mistake, argument, embarrassment, or stressful moment seems when viewing it with this lens.    


I hope that these mantras inspire and calm you. May peace be with you and within you, Hippies!


  • Susan

    Hi! Joy-filled. Any side effects?

  • Cristy Stone

    Thank you for sharing Kylie. The one that spoke to me most was, “quiet the mind and the soul will speak,” I believe this puts anxiety into perspective. As you stated, “within that irrational anxiety provoking thought your soul might be attempting to get your attention and alert you of what you may be in need of.” Yes! Yes, this is so true!

  • christina

    Thank you… “borrowing” sharing and living… xo

  • Erolyn Taylor

    Thank you for these…. esp “ it let’s already working out”

  • Bab

    Great advice! I especially love “Que Sera Sera” because I used to sing that to someone I love very much when she was little! :)

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